Thursday, January 25, 2007

About MeAbout me

About me

As you all know that my name is samson teck I speak mopan maya language. My parents as well talked the same language as I do .Our ancestors came from Guatemala . When the Spaniard found them they were already here in Belize e. There are about 27 maya groups . I only got to learn one which is Q’eqchi. In our culture d tradition are different than the other Mayas. We also have different clothing . the mopan clothing has a design on the sleeve and the their skirt has embroidery around it . The men’s are different they wear white long sleeve a red rag and they wear black pant On their feet they wear rubber boots . When they are about to make milpa they have to give thanks to the god of the rain and the god of the sun . When they are about to plant they don’t sleep they usually have games but it is with the corn. They have their on way of playing the game . They had learn it from our great grand parents. This has been pass from generation . But now we the new generation are forgetting all of that they had told us from our ancestors. Now that we they future of our country should come back to they culter we our ancestor had before. Today our father are still with the milpa system but they do not do they giving of thanks to the god’s. I will write some words in mopan language. Let’s go and bath: co’ osh it ish kil. Let’s go and eat . co’ osh ti hanal. I love you. Yah in weyech. I really like to speak my language because many people in town could speak it so that we could communicate with them. My second language is English we speak it in school .But their is a next Language that is peak it is Creole that is not a proper English. Example di is our chicken. Dis da fi we chi kin . no matter what .no Mata wat .I can’t really speak proper English I am good at speaking in croel than in proper English. I also learn the Q’eqchi language come here . Kim sa in. let’s go and bath, t’o o’ chi achink . I could not speak all the words that I could talk in long terms only a little. I also know Spanish , what is your name ,Como te lama . how old are you .cauntos anos to if you want to learn more you can email me at or you want to learn more about our country Belize or the mopan maya people

thi is the marinba for the mopan

thi is how they live

this is another maya insteument it’s called harp

Thursday, January 11, 2007

christmas vacation

C h r i s t m a s              V a c a t i o n

On the Christmas eve went to church. the church start at around 6:00p:m at night. we the boys plan to meet each other by the church. when all of our friends were their we all set out to go for a walk around the village .we meet some other bad guys the want to pick a fight with us but we just walk away because we aren’t looking for trouble. So we went from church to church to see if there are any girls that we could at least have a date. But we found so many of them that they start to teaseing each other .So we decided that we should turn back and go to the church for certain minuets. Then all of our guys went to the church. While we were their we got tired so the older guys told us if we would like some beer .we told them that if they have it we would surely try some of it so we got out side and we went to that bar. but we really get to like it that they send for more. I told them that we should go back in the church because they were going to gave some food and we all were very hungry and we end up going back to the church. when we reach they were already sharing the food their were many people that we nearly end up getting noting at all.

we get our food and we went and ate it by the school. we spent about 1 hour their. we got so bored, but our friends told us again to go back to the bar and get some more drinks so we all followed. when we reach beer was passing like dirt, one of our friend told us to buy some and go to his house and drink it their. while we were drinking he remember that he has some bread in the stove. he gave us, some his mother was not their she went to Belize city with their other brother. They were making so much fun that my grandmother reach and see what was going on. We told her that we were only having fun be cause it was Christmas. So she went on her on, and leave us alone. some of my cousins got drunk that they sort to say rude jokes. I told them that the beer had finish. So they send me and my cousin to buy more and then we went. while we were going we met some bad guys on our way. they were saying all kind of things that we don’t like but that doesn’t matter us and we went on our way. when we reach by my friend we told them that what all had happen to us on our way. So all of them plan to come with us to see does guys butwhen we rach thei they had already went on their on wewent home it is 5:00 a:m in the mornig so we went and sleep we only sleep for 1 hour and then we get up do our hygien and we went to church. It was then a christmas we spent time in the church.After church the pastor invited us to go and have some thing for lunch.When I finish it I went home.My mom was cooking bake chicken so I ate some again and we also drank soda it was a good day for me and my friends because we really enjoy it that day so that is how I spent my christmas. Done by:


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What I want to be When I grow old

My name is Samson teck. I am a boy and I am 15 years old. I am attending Tumul Kin High school. In my future I am planning to have a PHD degree. In order to get this I need to study hard so that I could be able to pass. When I finish my high school I will go for more studies, so that I would be able to get a job. I will go for my bachelor degree, master degree and PHD. When I get my degrees I will come back to Tumul kin to work as an academic director. So that more generations would look upon my path and they could have the same good life as I have. I would want to live at Blue creek because it is close to Tumul kin, and their it is beautiful with colors of the nature. I will work first and get some money to build my self a comfortable house. Then after I get my house equipment, I will find my self a wife and I will have 2 sons. Then we will have a happy family.

Done by: samson

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

my name is samson tek

My name is Samson Teck I live in the country of Belize. Well I am in the secodary School, I am a boy and I am 15 years old. I live in Toledo way at the end of the mop of Belize. There it is cool and beautiful, you can hear the sweet charming of the in the green forest. The environment is rich with many animals. It’s a cool little place with 800 populations. Last year I am in the scout group. There are 16 of us, most of the guys are older than me. But we all had fun time together. I learn many new things that I have not learned as yet. We also went hiking, help the elder people, and clean our environment.

I also learn the national code signs and the signs language. The were very perfect. We all went for out door camping at night. The things that we do are how to survive when last, hiking, fist aid kit training. I also learn that we should work with the country cities or town. We also cook for the other so that they could try some of our food. If you would want to have the same experience like me you can email me so that I could give you more details.